CCM Tacks Vector Pro Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

CCM Tacks Vector Pro Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

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The CCM Tacks Vector Pro Shoulder Pads are a Source for Sports Exclusive product. The Vector Pro is based off the CCM Tacks 9060 Shoulder Pad, with upgraded features from the Tacks 9080 and Super Tacks AS1 models.

Shoulder Caps & Protection
The CCM Vector Pro Shoulder Pad is constructed with a molded Exposed Foam shoulder cap with PE Foam Reinforcement. The molded shoulder cap provides the player an anatomical fit which is conducive to more mobility. The materials used in the shoulder cap provides lightweight protection, reducing that heavy feel shoulder pads often have.

Spine & Sternum Protection
Both the Spine & Sternum are constructed with floating, molded PE foams. Providing you snug to the body fit and protection in very sensitive spots.

Bicep Protection
The bicep on the Vector Pro is constructed with HD foams and has a customizable adjustment. This allows you to have the bicep protection in the exact spot you want to be covered.

The Vector Pro inner liner is designed with a Comfort Base Jacket and Mesh Liner. This is designed to provide the player maximum air flow and mobility, keep you dry and cool and the shoulder pad lightweight.

Abdominal Protection Piece
The Tacks Vector Pro Shoulder Pad comes with a removable abdominal protection, that is easily removed with a velcro attachment.