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Five Hole Sports | Raleigh-Charlotte Hockey Equipment
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Best Hockey Brands & Equipment in the Southeast

If you want to be a winning hockey player, you have to get the gear! Five Hole Sports wants to equip hockey players and goalies with the best to give them the edge on the ice. We carry everything needed for both youth and adult hockey players to get in the game of street hockey, roller hockey or ice hockey.
If you need it for your hockey game, we’ve got it. And if we don’t we’ll order it for you! Our inventory includes:

Biggest Hockey Brands

Bauer, Easton, Reebok, CCM, Mission, Warrior, Vaughn, Sherwood, Shock Doctor, Eddy Mask, Hackva, Graf, Montreal, Tour, Franklin, Sauce Hockey and Kevin Weekes’ brand, No 5 Hole.

Full Range of Hockey Equipment

From inline to ice, we carry a variety of equipment to meet all your hockey needs. From the house player on up to the competitive travel player.

Great Selection of Pro Hockey Sticks

We have in stock a huge selection of composite and wood sticks.

Hockey Goalie Gear

Five Hole Sports has the largest selection for all your goalie needs.

Highest Quality Hockey, Inline, & Figure Skates

We carry the most popular ice and inline skate brands on the market today. We also carry Jackson figure skates.

Street Hockey & Roller Hockey

From nets to sticks to pucks, we carry a variety of street hockey products.

Five Hole Sports has three locations: Cary, Wake Forest, and Charlotte, NC. Come into our hockey pro shops today and our hockey experts will help you find exactly the gear you need. Our Cary location features a goalie section that offers a complete range of goalie equipment. Or you can shop at our online store for all of your hockey gear needs. 

Play Safe & Play to Win

Not only will good hockey equipment help you perform better, it will also keep you safe. Speeding pucks, swinging hockey sticks and body checking can combine to make for a pretty rough game if you aren’t properly protected.


Whether you’re a goalie facing slapshots at speeds up to 100 mph, a center who needs to be light and fast, or a defenseman who’s not afraid to get physical when needed, your equipment’s first job should be protecting you. Five Hole Sports makes sure it does just that: we offer high-quality hockey equipment and fitting services for the securest fit and safest gear, so you can take any hockey match head-on.


Have questions about our products or services? Our experts would love to answer them and help you get geared up for your hockey game. Contact us today with any of your hockey questions and for information on our hockey equipment.