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Five Hole Sports | North Carolina Hockey Services
Five Hole Sports: the number one hockey store in the Southeast! Contact us for north carolina hockey services, info on products, sales, pricing, services, or with any hockey questions.
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North Carolina Hockey Services

Professional Hockey Skate Sizing & Fitting

The secret to speeding up and down the rink with ease? Proper support and fit. We know our inventory of hockey skates in and out, and our experts will help you quickly find a skate to match your foot size, shape and movement. You’ll get the best professional fit—guaranteed—so you can skate comfortably with a lower risk of injury.

Ice Skate Sharpening

With our in-house skate sharpening system, you can get the smooth glide and responsive bite of a freshly-sharpened blade. We offer both traditional and Blackstone’s Flat Bottom V sharpening systems to give you the customized sharpening tailored to your needs and preferences. And when you buy skates from Five Hole Sports, your first sharpening will be free!

Hockey Skate Baking

“Skate baking,” or heat-molding skates, has become a popular way to get a superior fit from your hockey skates. When you purchase skates from Five Hole Sports, we will bake your new skates for free! We heat the skates to make them more pliable before you put them on and wear them for several minutes. As your skates cool they will mold to the shape of your feet, which can solve some fit issues and shorten the time it takes to break them in.


Five Hole Sports has three locations: Cary, Wake Forest, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Come into our hockey stores today for hockey skate sharpening and equipment maintenance. Contact Five Hole Sports if you have questions or need more info.

Skate Profiling

Skates blades made by the various manufacturers are very rudimentary in design and come from the factory with the same generic radius. With profiling, you maximize your skating potential.

By profiling your skate, you change the radius of the blade and personalize the blade for your skating style.

Learn more about our Quad Profiling services here.

Funky Equipment?

We’ve partnered with Goalie Dog to help you sanitize your equipment and get the funk out! Just drop off your bag by 4 PM and it will be ready for pickup the following day!