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About Five Hole Sports | Inline and Ice Hockey Equipment
Five Hole Sports: the number one hockey store in the Southeast! Contact us for info on products, sales, pricing, services, or with any hockey questions.
Inline, Ice Hockey, Inline and Ice Hockey Equipment
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About Five Hole Sports

We don’t just offer the best in inline and ice hockey equipment — we have great deals so you can get on the ice or rink in style and for less. Check our website often for new specials. We’ll also post upcoming events happening at Five Hole Sports. And remember, we will always match internet prices!

Five Hole Vision Statement

We thrive on helping hockey families build their future today

Five Hole Mission Statements

1) We have the best in store experience on the planet
2) We properly fit everyone who walk through our door
3) We will supply you with the right equipment for your ability and budget
4) We grow hockey by helping families stay safe
5) We live in a world without limitations,
6) We love a good challenge, in fact we thrive on it.

Five Hole Core Values

1) Always look for opportunities to serve customers
2) We always think of the future 1st
3) We get to know ALL of our customers
4) We go the extra mile in every situation
5) We love to point people in the right direction
6) Every customer walking through our door is family
7) Every customer gets custom fitted
8) We love to share great family stories